Thursday, December 19, 2013

0 What We're Reading Today (12-18-13)

Big, big, big ups to Jay for crushing it on his piece about Beyonce.  It's the piece before this one if you, foolishly, have not yet read it.

Demanding 'no excuses' of schools and 'grit' of poor children while ignoring the real problem - Atlanta Journal Constitution
Maureen Downey

Kanye West: The Higher Learning of the College Dropout - Joseph Boston

Two Years Ago, I Saw a Sad Black Boy Named Donald Glover - Gawker
Kyla Marshell

On Defending Beyonce: Black Feminists, White Feminists, and the Line in the Sand - Black Girl Dangerous
Mia McKenzie

An Education Anything but Standard - Wright and Left
Greg Wright

Rinku Sen: What Mandela Taught Us - Color Lines
Rinku Sen

An Ode to Women Who are Difficult to Love - Sister of the Yam

Mandela's radicalism often ignored by Western admirers - Al Jazeera
Simon Hooper

Lost in the World: Finding Kanye West - Do the Write Thing
Do the Write Thing

The Mandelas, hip-hop and Cliff Huxtable: How black popular culture can politicize us - Salon
Brittney Cooper

Washington Redskins are being undermined by Dan Snyder's corrosive star culture - Washington Post
Sally Jenkins

The Sriracha Shutdown Is Actually Happening - The Atlantic Cities
Lily Kuo

Spain's Communist Village Is Making the Rest of the World Look Bad - Business Insider
Dan Hancox

The Hardest Part of the Holidays for Children of Divorced Parents - Role Reboot
Emily Heist Moss

Comparing the Failures of Bush and Obama - The Atlantic
Conor Friedersdorf

What Happens When a Millenial Becomes a Refugee? - The Atlantic
Alice Su

The Best Food Books of 2013 - The Atlantic
Corby Kummer

The South is America's High-School Dropout Factory - The Atlantic
Jordan Weissmann

I Got Myself Arrested So I Could Look Inside the Justice System - The Atlantic
Bobby Contantino

When Minority Students Attend Elite Private Schools - The Atlantic
Judith Ohikuare

Santa Claus and White Racial Panic - The Nation
Mychal Denzel Smith

Chicago and the Municipal-Industrial Complex - The Nation
Rick Perlstein

PS - Cool website if you wanna learn to code: Scratch


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