Thursday, February 28, 2013

0 Dylan Saba Would be an Awesome Senator

I met this kid my junior year.  I was sitting on a comfy leather couch in my room in 123 when my roommate, Geoff Gardner, walked in with his daily calzone from Hodgdon and two other guys following him inside.  They were both tall -- one of them really tall and he had a big afro.  Everyone probably knows that dude, Ruben; Ruben from B.E.A.T.S., Ruben with the 'fro, Ruben the guy who makes sweet music.  The other kid, the shorter-but-still-tall guy who came from Oakland just like Geoff, he had the most impressive knowledge of hip-hop this side of the Mason-Dixon.  Now, that same guy, Dylan Saba, is running for TCU Senate and it would be irresponsible if I didn't explain to you why he deserves your vote.

First and foremost, Dylan listens.  It sounds simple but it isn't.  You could be better at it; I'm pretty bad at it; Senate is absolutely atrocious at it!
If you haven't talked with Dylan, I urge you to seek him out with ceaseless enthusiasm and sit him down for coffee, a Hodgdon quesadilla, or a beer (only if you're over 21, of course).  Find him, chat with him, ask him about the production of Kanye West's I Heard 'em Say, and then tell him about what's on your mind -- and don't hold back!
Dylan will listen to you.  He will listen to you, offer his honest opinion, and then seek to understand further.  Dylan Saba is an advocate and a concerned citizen who believes in active engagement and consciously endeavoring to improve the community and people around him.  In the truest sense of the word, Dylan is a public servant.  If anything, bringing Dylan on to Senate will only enhance your time here at Tufts.  You will have a champion for you in student government and that is invaluable.  As someone on Senate now, let me tell you that student government at this school could do so much more if the Senators only knew how to listen to their constituents, and their peers, and their community like Dylan Saba.

And second, Dylan is a real person.  He isn't a Senate kid and Senate wouldn't be central to Dylan's identity.  Dylan has gone out on the weekends and stayed in on others, been among the rest of the student body, and shared countless experiences with the greater Tufts public.  In a short year-and-a-half at Tufts, Dylan has garnered a reputation for being one of the most earnest and genuine people here; friend to all, enemy to none -- a "chill bro" in every positive sense of the word and without the negative riff-raff inherent to a sabre-rattling masculinity.  Being a Tufts student, someone who has lived beyond Senate, gives Dylan invaluable insight and readies him to be your voice, your advocate, your arm that will confront the administration with your interests in mind.  

I believe in Dylan Saba, plain and simple.  If you want more reasons than this, please, allow me to convince you.


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