Wednesday, February 27, 2013

0 What We're Reading Today (2-27-13)

Three-Fifths Compromise; Slavery; Journalism; Racism; Chicago Police Department; Mali; Counterterrorism; Obama; Republicans

The Constitution's Immoral Compromise - New York Times
Room for Debate

There is no Indonesia Model for the Arab Spring - Foreign Policy
Tom Pepinsky

Racism, Torture, and Impunity in Chicago - The Nation
Flint Taylor

House of Cads: The Psycho-sexual Ordeal of Reporting in Washington - The New Republic
Marian Cogan

Annihilate: Obama's Very Secret Plot to End the Republican Party - The New Republic
Michael Kinsley

A Flawed America in Context - The Atlantic
Ta-Nehisi N. Coates

Iraq to Mali: the Changing Calculus of War - Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera Empire


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