Monday, November 19, 2012

0 What We're Reading Today (11-19-12) #2: Freestyle Rap, Education Policy and Race, and Why You Shouldn't Talk to Strange White Folks about Race

Read a Book! Or, Why I don't Talk to Strange White Folks about Race - Black Girl Dangerous
Mia McKenzie

The Origin of the Phrase "Women of Color" - Loretta Ross
"People of Color (POC)" "Women of Color (WOC)" and "Men of Color (MOC)" are not biological destinies. These are political designations. So when we speak of POC, we are not talking about all racial minorities, we speaking with and to folks who are committed to "working in collaboration with other oppressed racial groups who have been “minoritized" by white supremacist institutions.  - Tabias Wilson (BlaQueerPoz)
Viewpoint: What's Behind Cornel West's Attacks on Obama - Time

Obama Won. Now it's time to change the system. - The Nation
Peter Dreier and Donald Cohen

Should Schools Set Different Goals for Children of Different Races? - The Atlantic
Emily Richmond

For Australian Aborigines, the Health Problems of Westernization - The Atlantic
Edward Small

The Neuroanatomy of Freestyle Rap - The Atlantic
Lindsay Abrams

New Research Shows African-American Cities are the Source of much Modern Slang - The Grio
Alexis Stodghill

Do Men Always want to Sleep Around - Slate
Amanda Marcotte


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