Friday, March 8, 2013

0 What We're Reading Today (3-8-13)

Israel's Dreaded Tipping Point has Finally Arrived - The Atlantic
S. Daniel Abraham

12 SXSW Panels, Films and Concerts that Deserve Your Attention - Colorlines
Jorge Rivas

Obama's Fatherhood Meme Ruffles Otherwise Ardent Supporters - Colorlines
Jamilah King

Cheap Eats: How America Spends Its Money on Food - The Atlantic
Derek Thompson

The Bike Helmet Paradox - The Atlantic
James Hamblin

If You Want a Strong US Economy, Root for China - The Atlantic
Zachary Karabell

The Tyranny of the Zip Code - The New Republic
Anna Clarke

No One Should have to Live in Fear of Violence - The Root
Valerie Jarrett

Afghan Women Face the Future - The Nation
Ann Jones

Still no Wrigley Deal after Emanuel, Ricketts, aldermen meet - Chicago Tribune
Hal Dardick

The Last All-Nighter - New York Times
Kate Miller


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