Tuesday, June 4, 2013

0 Help Snakes Compile a List of Summer Essentials


Hey everyone,

right now, the homies here at Snakes on McCain want to throw together a list of essential summer consumables for everyone as they have their hot weather adventures.  Originally, this was going to be just a summer reading list but we're tempted to think about all kinds of media (and maybe even food and drink) that we should all be taking in.  That said, we want your help.  Seriously, we do.

Myself, Jay, Jameelah, Munir, Meredith, and Jacob (who runs the Twitter) are trying to figure out our favorites that we think everyone should engage with this summer.  However, we know that there is nothing quite like a well crowd-sourced curriculum and so we made this snazzy Google Form for you to submit your suggestions.

You can access the form here.

All we ask is that you please keep your suggestions to something that anyone could readily access with the internet and maybe a little bit of effort.  Otherwise, we would love to hear about the best books, articles, movies, lectures, songs, and so forth that you want the rest of the world to know about.

If we have enough content we can make MULTIPLE LISTS which is as exciting to unveil as it is to type.  If not, I mean, we're cool with stuff to read.

Thanks for your help, y'all.  Stay hydrated!


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