Monday, August 5, 2013

0 What You NEED To Read Today 8.5.13

I've been reading numerous articles on Trayvon Martin and the resulting dialogue on race, anti-blackness and white supremacy in the United States. I've been waiting for an article that calls out our lack of focus of the criminalization, the repression, and the exploitation of black women more explicitly and more boldly; an article that recognizes the need for collective and community memory when the women gather crying. This article discusses one of the many implications of this case, and of many cases, that are too often left out. The criminalization and persecution of black men and boys AND black women and girls. We must be angry at ALL of our deaths. Remember ALL of us.  Marissa Alexander. Sybrina Fulton. Black Women.

"Invisible Women: The Consequences of Forgetting Sybrina Fulton" by Mychal Denzel Smith

"Black women’s pain fuels but then becomes obscured in the popular narrative about the consequences of racism and the fight for racial justice, as it becomes framed through the experiences of black men. All of us who do work around these issues are guilty of this oversight, myself included. In our attempts to address the problem of anti-black racism in the US, we neglect to consider the experiences of black women as part of that story." Read more on The Nation.


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