Sunday, October 6, 2013

0 What We're Reading Today (10-6-13)

Studying How the Blind Perceive Race - NPR
Kat Chow

No More Allies - Black Girl Dangerous
Mia McKenzie

"Scandal's" racially charged motto: "You have to be twice as good as them" - Salon
Neil Drumming

"Twice as Good": Channeling Black Parenting on 'Scandal' - NewBlackMan (in Exile)
Mark Anthony Neal

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Eyes US Shutdown, Expresses Doubt Over Nuclear Negotiations - The Daily Beast
Christopher Dickey

Mexico's Female Vigilante Squads - The Daily Beast
Katie Orlinsky

A Few Words on The New York Times's Few Words on Afros - Observer
Rebecca Carroll
(New York Times' words on afros)

1 in 3 Black Males Will Go to Prison In Their Lifetime, Report Warns - Huffington Post
Saki Knafo

Hillary Clinton: It's Not Her Turn - The Nation
Richard Kim

How "Jezebel" Smashes the Patriarchy, Click by Click - Mother Jones
Tasneem Raja

Where Are the Uninsured Americans Who Will Benefit From Obamacare? - The Atlantic
Ronald Brownstein

Muhammad Ali's Most Formidable Opponent Was the US Supreme Court - The Atlantic
Allen Barra

Republican States Cut 'Food Stamps' As Feds Promise Not To - Color Lines
Seth Freed Wessler

Obama and the Washington Football Club and (Of Course!) Lanny Davis - The Daily Beast
Michael Tomasky

Daniel Radcliffe's Next Trick Is to Make Harry Potter Disappear - New York Times
Susan Dominus

Cockblocked by Redistribution: A Pick-up Artist in Denmark - Dissent
Katie J.M. Baker

Voice and Hammer - VQR Online
Jeff Sharlet

Roma Immigrants Have Set France on Edge - The Daily Beast
Christopher Dickey, Alice Gulhamon

How Disney Ruined Sex For Everyone - Mark Manson
Mark Manson

We're Not Lovin' It - Jacobin
Michole Aschoff

The Vice of Selfishness - Jacobin
David V. Johnson

The Decline of the American Empire - Jacobin
Doug Henwood

Energy Efficiency: How the Internet can lower your electric bill - Christian Science Monitor
David J. Unger

Spain looks set to drop its fascist-inspired extra hour - Christian Science Monitor
Andres Cala

The 'smartest' city in the world: Santander, Spain? - Christian Science Monitor
Sara Miller Llana

Those Calls Had Come Before: An American Love Story - Gawker
Candace Mitchell

New York Times Still Not Funky Enough for Daft Pink - Gawker
Max Rivlin-Nadler

Can Wendy Davis turn a red state blue? - Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera

Can We Please Bury "Stop the Violence" as a Slogan?  It's Meaningless - Prison Culture
Prison Culture

Scientists Used Facebook For The Largest Ever Study of Language And Personality -- And The Results Are Groundbreaking - Business Insider
Michael Kelley

Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science? - New York Times
Eileen Pollack

Once Alienated, and Now a Force in Her Husband's Bid for Mayor - New York Times
Michael Barbaro

Rich People Just Care Less - New York Times
Daniel Goleman


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