Sunday, November 17, 2013

0 What We're Reading Today (11-17-13)

Up in Arms - Tufts Magazine
Colin Woodard

Foucault Explained With Hipsters - Binary This

They Loved Your GPA and then they saw Your Tweets - New York Times
Natasha Singer

Beyond 'I'm Sorry': 5 Ideas to Help Make Obamacare Work - The Atlantic
Garance Franke-Ruta

Can the Defense Budget Shrink Without Risking National Security - The Atlantic
Eric Schnurer

The Grand Old Tea Party - The Nation
Rick Perlstein

Black Voters, Not Gender Gap, Won McAuliffe Virginia - The Nation
Zerlina Maxwell

The Ideal Husband - NY Review of Books
Susan Sontag

Nothing Was The Same: on Drake and the white boy imaginary - The Indy
Sam Rosen

Richard Cohen in Context - The Atlantic
Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ideas - The Paris Review
Patricio Pron

Looking Back at Malcolm X's Message to the Grassroots Speech Delivered 50 Years Ago Today - Davey D's Hip-Hop Corner
Davey D

The Case for International Law - Foreign Affairs
Harold Hongju Koh and Michael Doyle

Hillary's Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren - The New Republic
Noam Scheiber

The Many Battles of Harry Belafonte - The New Yorker
Jelani Cobb


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