Wednesday, July 23, 2014

0 What We're Reading Today (7-23-14)

Women Penalized for Promoting Women, Study Finds - Wall Street Journal
Rachel Feintzeig

How Questlove Is Bringing Music Back to Television - The Daily Beast
Kevin Fallon

A pause in global warming? Studies try to better explain what's happened - CS Monitor
Pete Spotts

We Can Code It! Why computer literacy is key to winning the 21st century - Mother Jones
Tasneem Raja

How America Finances the Destruction in Gaza -- and the Clean-Up - Mother Jones
David Corn

Jordan's Quiet Emergency - The Atlantic
Alice Su

I Hate Ayn Rand but here's Why My Fellow Conservatives Love Her - The Week
Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

Why Black People Must Stand with Palestine - Ebony
Kristian Davis Bailey

The Terrifying Madness of Waking Up in Gaza - Slate
Atef Abu Saif

Black Female Survival and the Myth of the White Gay Cultural Savior, or, Dear Anthony -- Stop It! - Huffington Post
Darnell L. Moore and Hashim Khalil Pipkin

"The more dead, the better:" Israel's Crumbling Media War - Salon
Deepa Kumar

Obama Goes There on "Acting White" - Washington Post
Jonathan Capehart

How LGBT Students Are Changing Christian Colleges - The Atlantic
Philip Francis and Mark Longhurst

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantazine - KickStarter
Fariha, Haley, Sara

Suburban sprawl and bad transit can crush opportunity for the poor - Vox
Danielle Kurtzleben


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