Monday, December 24, 2012

0 Snakes on McCain: 10 Best Articles of 2012

This is just me -- can't speak for the rest of Snakes on McCain we're all different people and I, unlike Andrew, have not had any strange dreams about mud wrestling with Hu Jintao.  I'm sure that I missed some articles and I definitely have a bias with respect to what I like to read -- like any blogger.  Also, I'm a twenty-something so I think I know everything.
I decided to do this in the shower yesterday morning so since then I've been scouring the internet in the hopes of stringing together enough keywords to direct me toward the articles I need but, alas, I'm sure that some have slipped by and will go uncelebrated.  Feel free to sound off in the comments on any pieces you think I missed.  These are purely articles I found on the web so anything that is exclusively in print is undetected to the all-knowing-eye that is this SOM list.
Ranking them would be too tough so this is an unranked top 10 with some honorable mentions toward the bottom.  Sadly, I'm not clever enough to have a grading rubric devised.  Some are narratives I wish we talked about more, others are literary and tugged at my heartstrings, then there are others that I just find illuminating and wanted to share (again).
Happy reading and thanks for a great year.  I'll put the stats for Snakes on McCain in a post closer to New Year's Day so you guys can see just how great you all have been.


Holla at the homies (some missing)


Kiese Laymon
Gawker, July 28

Ta-Nehisi Coates
The Atlantic, September 2012

Laura M. Colarusso
Washington Monthly, May/June 2012

Michel-Ange (Mickey) Desruisseaux
With Apologies to Bill Bennet, October 21

Dear President Schapiro: Why I Can't Recommend Northwestern University Anymore
Greg Wright
Wright and Left, October 22

David Maraniss
Vanity Fair, June 2012

Jason DeParle
New York Times, December 22

Bill Simmons
Grantland, June 8

Kiese Laymon
Gawker, August 25

William Brandon Lacy Campos
My Feet Only Walk Forward, November 5


The Caging of America
Adam Gopnik
The New Yorker, January 30*

Michael Lewis
Vanity Fair, October 2012

Brian Phillips
Grantland, August 10

Mike Giglio
The Daily Beast, December 10

Anna Therese Day
The Daily Beast, October 23

Dashiell Bennett
The Atlantic Wire, September 6

The 'Cac Responds to Kate Upton Body Haters
Emile M. Cioran and Anonymous**
In the 'Cac, July 18
**I'm the anon

Reprint: An Account of Sexual Assault at Amherst College
Angie Epifano
In the 'Cac, October 18

Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine (re-published by Mondoweiss)
Mondoweiss, December 20

Samee Sulaiman, Sami Kishawi
The Chicago Maroon, December 4

Mia McKenzie
Black Girl Dangerous, July 16

Seth Freed Wessler
ColorLines, January 18

* BONUS: Top 10 New Yorker Stories of 2012 - The Apostate; The Obama Memos; The Caging of America; The Story of a Suicide; Spoiled Rotten; We Are Alive (Bruce Springsteen); Big Med; Super-Rich Irony; One on One; The Choice


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