Tuesday, December 4, 2012

0 What We're Reading Today (12-4-12): Settlements; Ke$ha; Congress; Multiracial Folks; Sad Romney

19 Signs You are Multiracial - Thought Catalog
Sarah Maldonado

Ke$sha is the Last Great Rock Star - The Atlantic
Jonathan Bogart

Elect More Women - The American Prospect
Jan Schakowsky

Israeli Settlement Mayor to France and Britain: Protests Don't Matter - The Daily Beast
Dan Ephron

'Dialogue' stands in way of justice in Palestine - The Chicago Maroon
Samee Sulaiman & Sami Kishawi

Egypt's Mursi leaves palace as police battle protestors - Reuters
Yasmine Saleh & Marwa Awad

Gallup Finds a Majority of Americans Still Religious - The Daily Beast
David Sessions

Today in 'fiscal cliff': This is what progress looks like - Washington Post
Suzy Khimm

Bill Clinton's people brought down the deficit once. Now they're trying to do it again. - Washington Post
Dylan Matthews

Why Are We Fascinated With Post-Election Mitt Romney? - The New Republic
Alec MacGillis


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