Tuesday, July 2, 2013

0 What We're Reading Today 7-2-13

 "Decolonization also calls on us to affirm community. One of the contradictions of capitalism and colonialism is that while we are increasingly dependent on global production processes for our basic clothing and food, we are increasingly isolated from one another. The strength of our relations is, therefore, subversive to the logic of alienation within capitalism and colonialism."
Indigenous Women: Never Idle: The Feminist Wire-Harsha Walia

We Were All Trayvon Martin. Why Aren’t We Supporting Rachel Jeantel?: Clutch Magazine- Whitney Teal

George Zimmerman’s 1st interview with police revealedThe Grio/AP- Kyle Hightower and Mike Schneider

The Court’s Bizarre 1 Percent Rule: Colorlines- Aura Bogado

Southern Poverty Law Center Names Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) as Hate Group: Radfem News Service

Dear Prada: You Don’t Get Props For Casting One Black Model Every 19 Years: Clutch Magazine- Britni Danielle

I Will Reflect, Not Celebrate: Huffington Post via Afro-American Newspapers- William H. Lamar IV

Zimmerman Tapes: Facts Don't Add Up: The Root- Corey Dade

A Stonewall Veteran, 89, Misses the Parade: NY Times- Manny Fernandez

"We white feminists have silenced, marginalized, and, at times, even sacrificed women of color in our fight against patriarchy. Our failure to listen and our unwillingness to de-center ourselves have marred the possibilities of coalition building and made us complicit in the continued oppression of women of color. It’s inexcusable, and until we learn to check our privilege, we will continue to undermine the social justice we claim to champion."
White Feminists: Step Your Game Up: This Week in Blackness- Sarah Florini


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