Saturday, July 6, 2013

0 What We're Reading Today (7-6-13)

Throughout the week I'm sitting in sessions and end up with all these tabs open.  Sorry to have to dump them all on you like this but you'll have plenty to dig through for the weekend.  Also, if anyone knows how getting an auto loan works, hit me up.

Trayvon Martin and Black Manhood On Trial - The Nation
Mychal Denzel Smith

A Tale of Two Best Friends - The Nation
Aura Bogado

World's Biggest Bands are British and Its Biggest Soloists are American - The Atlantic
Andrew Wallace Chamings

How Strong is the Female Sex Drive After All? - The Atlantic
Emily Esfahani Smith

Chicago Rising - The Nation
Rick Perlstein

LeVar Burton Gives CNN's 'N-Word' an Actual Story - Racialicious
Arturo R. Garcia

'Use Your Voice' - The Atlantic
Jessica Luther

FYI: "Black" doesn't mean "African-American" - Racialicious
T.F. Charlton

An Open Letter to New Teach for America Recruits - At The Chalk Face
Katie Osgood

Hallelujah the Saviors are Here - WBEZ
Rachel Smith, Louder Than a Bomb

Cheering for the Chicago Blackhawks: A Tradition of Racial Play - Racialicious
Charles Fruehling Springwood

A Feminist Army Storms Texas - The Nation
Jessica Valenti

Recalling a Dark Secret of the Slave Trade, Buried in the Deep - New York Times
Nina Siegal

The Great Gatsby Line That Came From Fitzgerald's Life -- and Inspired a Novel - The Atlantic
Joe Fassler

If a Stranger Were Following Me - Kelly Virella
Kelly Virella

Dispatch from the 'Very House of Difference': Anti-Black Racism and the Expansion of Sexual Citizenship -- OR -- We Need to Do So Much Better at Loving Each Other - The Feminist Wire
Kai M. Green and Treva Ellison

The 10 Most Disgusting, Nasty, Racist Facebook Posts About Trayvon Martin - Global Grind
Evanka Williamson

How America Makes Having a Baby a Nearly Impossible Expense - The Nation
Bryce Covert

The Economic Cost of Hangovers - The Atlantic
Derek Thompson

The Year in Hot-Dog Innovation - The Atlantic
Alexis C. Madrigal

Should Colleges Charge Engineers More Than English Majors? - The Atlantic
Jordan Weissmann

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