Tuesday, January 28, 2014

0 What We're Reading Today (1-28-14)

Macklemore, White Privilege, and the Grammy For Best Rap Album - Complex
Insanul Ahmed

Why I Will Never Want the "Same Love" - Huffington Post
Jay Dodd

Macklemore is being used to paint the rest of hip-hop as 'uncivil' - Huffington Post
The Guardian

"Same Love," same old shit? - From the Square
Karen Tongson

The Myth of Black Homophobia: Why I'm Not Feeling Macklemore and Why White Saviors Are Anything But - At the Bar
Dennis Upkins

Making Jay Z 'Eat the Cake' - NewBlackMan (in Exile)
Mark Anthony Deal

BOW DOWN, MACKLEMORE: Why 'Same Love' is NOT My Queer Anthem - Guerilla Feminism
Kelly Fox

Obama Is Not a Post-Racial President - Foreign Affairs
Jonathan Holloway

State of the States - New York Times

For New York City's First Lady, a Chief of Staff but Still No Defined Role - New York Times
Michael M. Grynbaum

Ezra Klein vs. Nate Silver: The Wonk Super Bowl - Politico
Dylan Byers

Looking for Insight Among the World's Irks and Quirks - New York Times
Michiko Kakutani

Google Autocomplete Wants to Know Why Post-Communist Europe Is So Poor - The Atlantic
Matthew O'Brien

The 'Product of Its Time' Defense: No Excuse for Sexism and Racism - The Atlantic
Noah Berlatsky

Stanford Man: Richard Sherman and the Thug Athlete Narrative - Grantland
Rembert Browne

Eat the Cake, Anna-Mae - Color Lines
Akiba Solomon

Here's Why You Don't See Romney Reacting to the 47 Percent Video in "Mitt" - Mother Jones
Asawin Suebsaeng

State of the Union: No More Mr. Nice President - Mother Jones
David Corn

College Football Players Are Trying to Unionize, and the NCAA Is Not Happy About It - Mother Jones
Matt Connolly

Charts: Unemployment Benefits' Big Bang for the Buck - Mother Jones
Jaeah Lee, Tasneem Raja, and Brett Brownell


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