Saturday, February 22, 2014

0 What We're Reading Today (2-22-14)

A Dictator's Guide to Urban Design - The Atlantic
Matt Ford

Kiev Truce Shattered, Dozens Killed - The Atlantic

The Dark Power of Fraternities - The Atlantic
Caitlin Flanagan

White-Washing Malcolm X: The Atlantic's View in 1965 - The Atlantic
David A. Graham

The Zombie Numbers That Rule the US Economy - The Atlantic
Zachary Karabell

Among the Believers: What Jalal Al-e Ahmad Thought Iranian Islamism Could Learn From Zionism - Foreign Affairs
Bernard Avishai; Jalal Al-e Ahmad

CFC Talks Love with Author Kiese Laymon - Crunk Feminist Collective

Musevini's Oil Bet - Foreign Affairs
Vivian Salama

The Cultish Appeal of Michelle Obama - NPR
Linton Weeks

Like It or Not, Most Urban Freeways Are Here to Stay - The Atlantic Cities
Earl Swift

The Commuting Penalty of Being Poor and Black in Chicago - The Atlantic Cities
Emily Badger

Adrian Broadway and Black Teens Under Fire - Ebony
Jamilah Lemieux

A Photographer's Moving Tribute to the Pine Ridge Reservation - Slate
Jordan G. Teicher

As 2 Go Free, Brooklyn Conviction Challenges Keep Pouring In - New York Times
Vivian Yee

On the Killing of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn - The Atlantic
Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Problem With Little White Girls (and Boys) - Medium
Pippa Biddle

The Incoherent Backlashes to Black Actors Playing 'White' Superheroes - The Atlantic
Noah Berlatsky

I'm the Duke University Freshman Porn Star and for the First Time, I'm Telling the Story in My Words - XO Jane
Lauren A.

We must give the land back: America's brutality toward Native Americans continues today - Salon
Steven Salaita

Richard Sherman and the Problem of Being the Right Kind of Brown Man - Gawker
Gyasi Ross

The Champion Barack Obama - The Atlantic
Ta-Nehisi Coates

Personal Identity Is (Mostly) Performance - The Atlantic
Jennifer Ouellette

MSNBC's Scholar-in-Residence - Slate
Hanna Rosin

40 Years of Photography Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy - Slate
Alyssa Coppelman

40 more maps that explain the world - Washington Post
Max Fisher

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