Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2 What We're Reading Today (11-7-12): Post-Election Euphoria, How the Election Changed Us, and Nate Silver's Victory Lap

I'm still letting the election results set-in.  I have the sort of electric self-awareness and glee of someone who just lost his virginity.

Yes, there was a War on Women -- and women won
Hindu-Americans have their first face in Congress in Tulsi Gabbard
Gay marriage continues its march toward acceptance in the United States
Marijuana legalization measures were met with success in Washington and Colorado and Massachusetts
Nate Silver slapped other pollsters across the face with his stellar predictions
Barack Obama will serve another four years in the White House

I know I'm forgetting something but there is a collective sense of "BOOYA!" as the reactionary, backwards, hateful, anti-good elements came out in force this year.

Seriously, I just --

Photo credit of Grace Michaels

Yes, Obama Won a Mandate - The New Republic
Jonathan Cohn

How the Election Changed America - The Atlantic Wire
Jen Doll

At Romney Headquarters, the Defeat of the 1% - Washington Post
Dana Milbank

America's Chief Wizard, Nate Silver, has Best Election Night of Anyone and Here's Why: A Guide - Gawker
Max Read

2012 US Presidential Race: Who Owns the Candidates -

How Obama Won Ohio - The New Republic
Alec MacGillis

Twitter Racists React to 'That Nigger' getting Re-elected - Jezebel
Tracie Egan Morrissey

What the 2012 Election Taught Us - Washington Post
Chris Cillizza

Special Coverage: The 2012 Presidential Election - Five Thirty Eight
Nate Silver & Co.



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