Monday, October 5, 2015

3 What We're Reading Today (10-5-15)

The Populist Prophet - The New Yorker
Margaret Talbot

Bernie Sanders, the Socialist Mayor  - The Atlantic
Russell Banks

The Breakdown of the Black Family  - The Atlantic
Kay Hymowitz

First, Let's Get Rid of All the Bosses  - The New Republic
Roger D. Hodge

Obama, Guns, and the Politics of Hopelessness - The New Yorker
John Cassidy

Many Former Foster Youths Don't Know They Have Health Care - NPR
Ray Glier

Our George Wallace - Slate
Jamelle Bouie

Jeb Bush, 'Free Stuff' and Black Folks - NY Times
Charles Blow

The Death of Evan Murray - Grantland
Charles Pierce

The Slave-State Origins of Modern Gun Rights - The Atlantic
Saul Cornell and Eric M. Ruben

The Data Are Damning: How Race Influences School Funding - The Atlantic
Gillian B. White

New York Police Will Document Virtually All Instances of Force - NY Times
Al Baker and J. David Goodman

Black patients fare better than whites when both get same healthcare, study finds - Los Angeles Times
Alan Zarembo

Arne Duncan's Wars - Politico
Michael Grunwald

Jorge Ramos' Long Game - NY Times
Marcela Valdes

The American Dream Shatters in Prince George's County - Washington Post
Michael Fletcher

Senate Strikes Compromise on Criminal Justice Reform - Politico
Rachael Bade, Daniel Lippman, and Sarah Wheaton

Henry Dumas Wrote About Black People Killed By Cops. Then He Was Killed By A Cop. - NPR
Beenish Ahmed

Inside the ISIS Blueprint for Winning - The Daily Beast
William McCants



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