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Logan Cotton

Hailing from the city of Chicago, Logan is a senior at Tufts University.  He connects -- perhaps too much so -- with the film The Lion King and studied in Madrid last year for his study abroad experience.    He is a serious Chicago Bulls fan and was nearly signed as a free agent with the team until he opted to race camels through the Moroccan desert instead.  He has also won worldwide acclaim on the international competitive botany circuit.  When asked to describe his reaction to Logan's entry in the 1995 Botany World Cup Final, President Ronald Reagan replied "To hell with these planty-things, I just want to eat mayonnaise off of [Logan's] twelve pack." In his free time, Logan performs spoken word poetry under the name, "Swag Swerve Dragon Machine."  His first collection will debut this winter in time for Christmas.

Jameelah Morris

Jameelah Morris is a cornerstone of the activist community at Tufts.  She is the President of Pan-African Alliance; captain of the female step-team, Envy; and the General-Manager of WMFO, Tufts' freeform radio station.  After college, however, Jameelah has recently announced that she will be moving to the mountains of Japan in an effort to bring herself closer to the ways of the samurai.  Living in a remote fishing village north of Sendai, Jameelah will begin what she has described as her personal manifesto: Blackness and Bushido: Constructing a Critical Appreciation for the Way of the Samurai and a New Sense of Black Nationalism.  Jameelah says that the book will be made available for Kindle.

Meredith Goldberg

"Mer Bear" is a semi-pro cage fighter who frequently tours Eastern and Southern European fighting circuits.  This year, however, she has taken some time off to  more deeply explore the prospects of converting to Buddhism and also to manage a string of lucrative gambling rings based around poll data delivered by Rasmussen, Gallup, and Real Clear World.  By law we are obligated to say that this was only a joke but should you venture out to the Wonderland Greyhound Park in Revere, MA, we can make no promises as to whether or not you would/wouldn't find someone/no one wearing a long trenchcoat who does/does not go by the name of Big Antonio who may/may not accept wagers on the next round of polls.

Jay Dodd

After a successful stint consulting Apple's marketing division on their social media strategy, Jay has announced an early retirement and inserted himself into the Tufts Class of 2014.  The retirement, Jay also announced, would only be temporary and he would return to the West Coast to improve the fortunes of the Lakers, Dodgers, Apple, and Google through his own brand; as Jay says, he will, "be back like Jordan, wearing the 4-5."  You can find him on Tumblr here but it is far more rewarding to try and find Jay in his natural habitat.  Somewhere in the stacks at Tisch Library there is a key that goes to a door that leads to a place where you will find a Jay.  Take note, though, the King of the Interwebs and its Attendant Lands does not tolerate walk-ins so be sure to hit-up his secretary.


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