Tuesday, October 23, 2012

0 13 Days and the State of Massachusetts

Now that the final debate has ended we have 13 days of mass chaos in front of us. In the next two weeks every door in New Hampshire will be canvassed an average of four times and we will receive no less than 100 emails from Obama's campaign asking us to give money. It is this now or never mentality that will shape the rest of the rhetoric surrounding the election. Before we embark on that craziness here are some important stories to look at:

41 Minutes, 24 Myths, how Romnesia is affecting our nation.
-More people are being told the wrong place and time to vote by election officials.
-The latest you didn’t build that” hypocrisy from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
-Three charts prove why calling Obama anti-business is ridiculous.
-Mitt Romney is very confused about the world court.
-A closer look at the Iraq War cheerleader who is now a top Romney adviser.
-Log Cabin Republicans abandon their principles to endorse Mitt Romney.
-How pollsters are missing the Latino vote and why it matters.
-Four big issues ignored in last night’s debate.

More importantly, for the first time in memorable history Massachusetts is important nationally. Massachusetts GOP population is less than 20% of the state, but currently they are causing all the problems. First of all, Mitt was governor here and thus residents can tell you first hand how bad he was. When Willard was governor here Mass ranked 47th state in job creation. His economic plans didn't work in Mass and they won't work at the national level. Second of all, Scott Brown v. Elizabeth Warren might decide the senateCurrently, Democrats maintain a very slim majority in the Senate, 53 – 47. Of the 33 seats up for grabs in this election, over two thirds are held by Democrats. On top of that, seven Democratic senators are retiring this year. If elected, Scott Brown’s first vote when he returns to DC will be to elect Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader. Warren has fought for consumers, the middle class, and women: I know personally I would be proud to have her as a senator. To learn more about why keeping Scott Brown a senator is terrifying go here.

Also watch this.


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