Thursday, October 25, 2012

0 What We're Reading Today (10-25-12)

Why the GOP Should Fear a Romney Presidency - The Atlantic
Jack M. Balkin

Infographic: The Enormous Racial Gap in Political Reporting - The Atlantic
David A. Graham

Dignity Beyond Voting: Undocumented Immigrants Cast their Hopes - Colorlines
Aura Bogado

A New Way to Measure Afghan Security: Beef and Tomatoes - The Atlantic
Brian Fung

Why Khamenei Will Compromise - Al-Monitor
Meir Javefander

Is Europe About to Crack-Up? - Real Clear World
Tomas Valasek

Obama says Ayn Rand is for Teens - Buzzfeed Politics
Buzzfeed Staff

Ladies, Don't Fall for Moderate Mitt! - The Nation
Katha Pollitt


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