Monday, May 27, 2013

0 What We're Reading Today (5-27-13)

First and foremost, we would like to recognize the contribution of those for whom Memorial Day exists.  We would have said "Thanks" but my buddy who is a Marine, Vijay, said that is one of the most difficult things to say to someone who has served and he wished people wouldn't say thank you as much as they would just recognize his service.

Global War on Terror, R.I.P. - The Nation
Bob Dreyfuss

The AP's Privacy, and Ours - The Nation
David Cole

The Secret Donors Behind the Center for American Progress and Other Think Tanks - The Nation
Ken Silverstein

Letter to 'The Nation' From a Young Radical - The Nation
Bhaskar Sunkara

College Grads Are Jobless In China's 'High Growth' Economy - Forbes
Gordon G. Chang

How to Save the GOP - The Atlantic
Molly Ball

Ryanair: Is it really Europe's most punctual airline? - BBC
Charlotte McDonald

Ask Alison: When to Get a Number, Replacing Dogs, and Long-Distance Confrontation - The Atlantic
Alison Agosti

The World Still Needs American Muscle - Real Clear World
Robert Kaplan

The Promise of Africa - Real Clear World
Ian Shapiro

Five Television Shows Shaping World Politics - Real Clear World

Wayne Miller, Photographer Who Captured Black Chicago, Dies - NPR
Allison Keyes

Europe to demand structural reform over austerity - Guardian

PA: No political concessions for economic benefit - Jerusalem Post

Trying to Revive Mideast Talks, Kerry Pushes Investment Plan for West Bank - New York Times
Michael R. Gordon and Jodi Rudoren

Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad - Wall Street Journal
Laura Kreutzer

Who Will Crack the Code? - New York Times
David Leonhardt

California Faces a New Quandry, Too Much Money - New York Times
Adam Nagourney

Every Trader and Investor Should Be Watching the Dollar - Minyanville
Tom Pizzuti and Kurt Hulse

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