Wednesday, September 12, 2012

0 Bill Clinton: What He Said vs What was Written

(Via The Atlantic Wire)

Bill Clinton is a phenomenal public speaker.  His rhetorical flourishes and charisma work wonders every time he delivers another speech.  If you missed him at the DNC a few nights ago you truly are missing out.  President Clinton was polished, professional, friendly, and interesting.  His speech had substance; it had pop; it had grit and honesty and a folksy trueness to it that most political speeches lack.

The most interesting thing is that Bill Clinton didn't write most of the speech.  As it turns out, there were huge swaths of his 49-minute talk that were delivered off the cuff and totally on-the-spot.  The Atlantic Wire shows the comparison between the prepared remarks versus the words he used while on stage in Charlotte.  Have a read and you'll see that some of the most memorable parts of the speech were, in fact, ad libbed.  Have a look here.


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