Monday, September 14, 2015

0 What We're Reading Today (9-14-15)

The Anti-Redskin - The Atlantic
Ariel Sabar

The Intersection of Faith and Politics - The Atlantic
Erin Kotlan

The vengeful god of Kim Davis: The powerful forces we ignore when we fixate on one Kentucky clerk - Salon
Brittney Cooper

A Brief Visual History of Weapons - The Atlantic

Mark Zuckerberg and the End of Language - The Atlantic
William Davies

Scare Headlines Exaggerated The US Crime Wave - Five Thirty Eight
Carl Bialik 

Why I Put My Wife's Career First - The Atlantic
Andrew Moravcsik

Think Out Loud - The New Repulic
Michael Eric Dyson

Paid Leave's Champions This Week: Obama, Hilton Hotels, and Saudi Arabia - The New Republic
Esther Breger

Parenting Shouldn't Be About Self-Sacrifice, Whatever Your Income - The New Republic
Stacia L. Brown

The First New Subway Stop Since 1989 - New York Times
Emma Cott and Colin Archdeacon

America's Teaching Force, by the Numbers - The Atlantic
Laura McKenna

The Staggering Scale of Germany's Refugee Project - The Atlantic
Heather Horn

Enter the 'Smarmonym' - The Atlantic
Megan Garber

How to Evaluate the Economic Records of Governors Who Want to Be President - Five Thirty Eight
Ben Casselman

Boston Then and Now: 1888-2015 - The Atlantic
Alan Taylor

By: John Cueno


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