Monday, September 7, 2015

0 What We're Reading Today (9-7-15)

What Schools Will Do to Keep Students on Track - The Atlantic
Kate Grossman

Why the Plan to Shrink New Orleans Failed - Five Thirty Eight
Gary Rivlin

Katrina Washed Away New Orleans's Black Middle Class - Five Thirty Eight
Ben Casselman

Tracking Police Violence A Year After Ferguson - Five Thirty Eight
Donovan X. Ramsey

Chelsea Clinton's Letter to "Dad, Mom" about Haiti - US Department of State
Chelsea Clinton

From rustbelt to bluebelt - The Economist

Watts: How racist housing policy helped light the flame - KCRW
Jolie Myers

Inside the GOP Clown Car - Rolling Stone
Matt Taibbi

The Passion of Kanye West - Rolling Stone
Lola Ogunnaike

Hillary Clinton's Inevitable Problems - Five Thirty Eight
Nate Silver

Police Abuse Is a Form of Terror - NY Times
Charles Blow

A Historic Fight Over Public Housing Makes For Fine Drama on HBO - NPR
Linda Holmes

The Late, Great Stephen Colbert - GQ
Joel Lovell

Struggle and Progress - Jacobin
Eric Foner

Predicting Police Misconduct Before it Happens - WBEZ
Chris Hagan

One family's journey from Aleppo to Austria - Washington Post
Anthony Faiola

The Political Consequences of Spatial Policies: How Interstate Highways Facilitated Geographic Polarization - Stanford University
Clayton Nall

Highways gutted American cities. So why did they build them? - Vox
Joseph Stromberg

Chicago: Cabrini Green 1942-2011 - Blvck Vrchives

Study finds trauma effects may linger in body chemistry of next generation - PBS

How Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Became My Hero - The New Republic
Stacia L. Brown

What a Decade Has Done for New Orleans's Schools - The Atlantic
Emmanuel Felton

Why Boosting Poor Children's Vocabulary Is Important for Public Health - The Atlantic
Emily Deruy

Beyoncé Returns - The Atlantic
Spencer Kornhaber

Why New Orleans' Black Residents are Still Underwater After Katrina - NY Times
Gary Rivlin

What does it mean to be privileged? - Jamelle Bouie
Jamelle Bouie

Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse - Vanity Fair
Nancy Jo Sales

What About Pain? A Sermon - Soundcloud
Sam Dyson

Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many US Cities - NY Times
Monica Davey and Mitch Smith

The Worst of the Worst - New Yorker
Patrick Radden Keefe

The Most Important Legacy of the Black Panthers - New Yorker
Brandon Harris

An Exile in the Corn Belt - New Yorker
Ruth Margalit

The Yellow House - New Yorker
Sarah M. Broom

Leave Michael Vick Alone: The Racism and Misogyny of Football Fans - New Black Man in Exile
Lawrence Ware

Pullman Porters: Ordinary Men, Extraordinary History - New Black Man in Exile
Mark Anthony Neal

Selling Off Apache Holy Land - NY Times
Lydia Millet

Chance the Rapper's Pitchfork Set Was a Perfect Tribute to the Strife and Growth of the City of Chicago - Pitchfork
Britt Julious

Our Racial Moment of Truth - NY Times
Isabel Wilkerson


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